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VPI HR-X Turntable

Mã hàng : VPI
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The 12” Tonearm:

  • Pivot to spindle distance: 300mm
  • Effective length: 313.4mm
  • Overhang: 13.4mm
  • Offset angle: 17.35 degrees
  • Average RMS distortion: .267%
  • Armtube critically damped internally with 1.7 pound foam.
  • Premium Discovery wire used internally and in junction box, optional Nordost Valhalla wire.
  • High quality RCA outputs standard, XLR available as an option.
  • Unipivot design with zero friction and zero bearing chatter.
  • Dropped counterweight for tracking force and azimuth adjustment and low center of gravity
  • A large knurled VTA/SRA tower with a smooth precise feel makes it easy to set VTA/SRA during play.  Allows changing of arm-tubes in seconds instead of hours for those with multiple cartridges.
  • A secondary mounting has been placed between the arm rest and the arm lift to greatly improve the arm's rigidity literally making these the only arms that can do VTA adjustments while listening and then be locked as rigid as a solid mounted arm.
  • The damped stainless steel tonearm uses constrained layer damping for a clean, open sound without resonances.
  • The JMW 12.7 tonearm is bolted to the aluminum portion of the chassis with a double base mounting, providing the ultimate in rigidity and adjustability.
  • Adjustable anti-skate controlling device

The SDS power supply regenerator and frequency synthesizer rounds out the package and provides a pure AC signal to the drive system so you can set both speeds exactly in your

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